Simulator drive in Finnland (© TTS, FI)
Distance learning (Fotolia / ©WavebreakmediaMicro)
Simulator instruction (© ITS, PL)
Simulator drive in Finnland (© TTS, FI)
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Welcome in the ICT-DRV expert area

Please note that the expert area is still under construction! We'll send a message to all users once it is finalised and ready for use!

The enrichment and improvement of professional driver training with technology-supported learning is crucial in order to achieve the skills necessary to support road safety as well as employability of professional drivers.

The ICT-DRV expert area intends to be a common point of reference with regard to computer- and simulator-based training within professional drivers vocational education and training. It provides background information as well as a platform for exchange and discussion on related topics for all those concerned by professional driver training.

It is meant as a place for experts, stakeholders and professionals concerned with this topic to exchange on computer- and simulator-based training within professional driver training but also to receive background information on high-quality application of computer- and simulator-based training within vocational education and training for professional drivers.

The ICT-DRV expert area addresses training with different kinds of simulators such as low-cost and high-end simulators as well as on different kinds of computer-based learning approach such as distance or mobile learning approaches or multimedia-based learning in the class-room. It also addresses related topics such as assessment and testing with simulators and computers.

After registration you'll get access to basic information on these training and learning approaches, as well as further ressources and background information, related news and announcements and information on emerging practices and different types of CBT and SBT in this experts area. We are looking forward to your comments and questions in the forum on CBT and SBT application within professional driver training.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the experts area!

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