Final partner meeting, 11 February 2015, Potsdam (DE)

Audiance at ICT-DRV final conference in Potsdam (DE) in Feb 2015

"Time for wrap up and for project conclusion" has been the slogan of the final project meeting in Potsdam (DE) directly before the final project conference.

Although all major project tasks have been finalised for the final project conference a lot of finalisation, follow up and reporting work had to be discussed and prepared at this final project meeting. But the major task has of course been the final preparation work for the upcoming final project conference.

Although there is still a lot of work to be implemented until the official project end in May 2015, this final meeting already gave a good preview on the success of the ICT-DRV project.

4th partner meeting, 4/5 September 2014, Warsaw (PL)

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The partners met a last time for the final conference in September 2014 in Warsaw in order to discuss the status of the project and to agree on the final project implementation steps to be realised until the final project conference in Potsdam (DE).

A last time the final results from the pilot implementation have been introduced by the pilot partners but the major topic on the meeting agenda have been the ICT-DRV quality standards on the integration of e-learning and simulator training into VET for professional drivers. The partners discussed in small groups about the different aspects proposed to be addressed within the indicators and started brainstorming on their detailled description based on their expertise and the results of the ICT-DRV project so far. A first draft of the indicators has been agreed to be prepared until October in order to start stakeholder consultations on the indicators in November. Furthermore the realisation of the final project conference has been discussed and final preparation steps have been agreed on.

The final project meeting will take place directly before the final conference in February 2015 in Potsdam (DE).

3rd partner meeting, 6/7 February 2014, Tunbridge Wells (UK)

Discussion at 3rd partner meeting in Tunbridge Wells (UK)

The third partner meeting was hosted by ICT-DRV project partner FTA in Tunbridge Wells (UK) in February 2014. The overall meeting strongly focused on the realisation of the pilot / prototype development activities which are just now in the middle of their implementation. The e-learning and simulator teams shared together their different approaches and ideas and discussed how they can further improve and develop the pilots with regard to the facilitation of learning. Also the discussion on the trainer competences required in order to implement such training have been very fruitfull and the partners agreed on a concept to be applied within the piloting. At the same time an intersting new research and development idea has been developed based on the project results so far. The partners will follow up on this idea during the coming year.

Also the perception of e-learning and simulator-based learning by drivers, trainers and employers has been a major point of discussion because the results of the status quo investigation revealed a number of doubts towards such learning approaches. The partners decided that they will specifically address those doubts during the pilot implementation but also with a number of target group specific publications that will be drafted until the next meeting.

The next meeting will take place in Poland hosted by ITS in September 2014.

2nd partner meeting, 6/7 Jun 2013, Helsinki/Vantaa (FI)

Project partners at Helsinki meeting, June 2013
TTS simulator debriefing room
TTS simulator (truck & bus)

The second project partner meeting took place in Helsinki/Vantaa (FI) in June 2013. The partners exchanged first results from the information gathered during the first project months. Some of those have been expectable others were surprising. Besides the rather limited use of technology-based training in general within professional driver training, it was particularly noticeable that very little is done with regard to learning/ instructional design considerations in this context. This lack of systematic considerations might explain some of the scepticism against CBT and SBT that also became obvious during the first information gathering.

Furthermore the partners discussed the upcoming pilots where exactly this compontent - instructional design in order to facilitate learning - will be in the center of attention. Among others self-paced and tutor-led CBT applications on defensive and eco driving will be developed and tested during the coming months as well as instructionally improved/ designed SBTs on defensive driving and maneouvring. At the same time we are also going to further work on the compentences needed by trainers in such settings and will also train them to be prepared for their tasks within such technology-based training environments.

The next meeting will take place in the UK hosted by FTA in February 2014.

Group discussion
James (FTA, UK)
Arkadiusz (PL) and Tanja (AT)
Andras (HU) and Teemu (FI)

Kick-off meeting, 10/11 Dec 2012, Bonn (DE)

ICT-DRV consortium, Bonn (DE), Dec 2012
Kick-off meeting, Bonn (DE), Dec 2012

Bonn (DE), Dec 2012: The ICT-DRV kick-off meeting took place in December 2012 in Bonn (DE) connected to the final European conference of the related projects ProfDRV. All project partners met the first time in order to discuss and brainstorm on the overall project and its implementation. But at first all partners introduced their organisations and special areas of expertise which again proofed the high quality of the partnership with regard to the projects topic.

In the course of the meeting the partners specified to content of the initial research round in order to elaborate the status quo of CBT/SBT in professional driver qualification with regard to current practice and research results. Also the need to focus equally on simulator and computer-based training in the projects implementation has been strongly emphasised and confirmed by the project partners. In order to connect the work within ICT-DRV with the previous work done within ProfDRV most of the ICT-DRV partners also attended the ProfDRV final conference.

Angela & Tamara (Trucking HR Canada)
Claudia & Malte (DEKRA), Pirita (TTS)
Michal & Mikolaj (ITS), Andras (DEKRA HU)
Pirita & Tema (TTS), Pedro (TCM-UGT)

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