Save the Date: European ICT-DRV conference in Feb 2015

   The European ICT-DRV project consortium invites for the European conference "TECHNOLOGY-SUPPORTED VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS IN EUROPE … A MATTER OF QUALITY" taking place on 12/13 February 2015.The conference invitation and a Call for Papers for this conference are available here. Further information on the...


ICT-DRV and euVETsupport offer webinar on learning outcomes orientation and professinal driver training

The ICT-DRV and euVETsupport project consortia offer an open webinars in June on the topic:  “Berufskraftfahrerqualifikation in Europa und der Lernergebnisansatz”, 17 June 2014,  Language: DE, open access The webinar is free of charge, please follow the links above to receive...


ICT-DRV invited for presentation at EFQUEL/LINQ and EDEN conference

The ICT-DRV project has been accepted to be presented at the ICT, quality and innovation in education focused conferences: "EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2014 and international LINQ Conference 2014" in May 2014 on Crete (GR) and "EDEN Annual Conference 2014" in June 2014 in Zagreb (HR).   In both cases the project will be...


ProfDRV results published as ITB research report

The ProfDRV partner ITB - University of Bremen (DE) further worked on the ProfDRV quality recommendations and now published them as an official ITB research report. The report can be downloaded in German language from the ITB website at:


ICT-DRV young driver award launched in Germany

ICT-DRV launched a young driver award in Germany for young drivers certified as professional drivers in 2013 or 2014. Further information on the award can be found here.The award winners will be able to participate in the ICT-DRV simulator training on defensive driving taking place in July 2014 in Hamburg (DE).

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